The halls are alive with the sound of music!

At Muriel Martin we are pleased to provide our K-6 music program both in English and French. Our program provides students with a variety of musical experiences leading to the understanding and enjoyment of music. All students will have many opportunities to create, perform and respond to music through singing, playing instruments, and movement.

Students in Kindergarten are gradually learning to explore the world of music through songs, singing games, rhythm activities and games, listening and movement activities.

Students in Grades 1-3 will continue the activities listed above with an additional emphasis placed on using the ORFF instruments, singing in tune with an increasing ability to project a good vocal tone, more advanced rhythms, as well as the placement and naming of notes on the musical staff. Students will also learn about the instrument families, the instruments that make up each family and their role in the orchestra.

Students in Grades 4-6 will continue to learn more advanced rhythms, sing and play instruments in two-part harmony, and continue to work on notation and composition of both music and rhythms. Grade 4 students will learn to play the soprano recorder, Grade 5 students will learn the alto recorder and the ukulele, and Grade 6 students will be part of a beginner band and learn how to play the flute, the clarinet or the trumpet.

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