Muriel Martin offers a wide range of programming within our dual-track French Immersion and English programs. Our programs enrich our students academically, physically, socially and creatively. Our talented and passionate staff strive to continually improve their professional practice through ongoing professional development, a comprehensive approach to literacy and numeracy as well as student engagement. Strong evidence of Muriel Martin's instructional focus can be observed through programming that meets the individual needs of all learners and embraces all students as partners in learning. Offering instruction in English or French, Muriel Martin's staff members embrace opportunities to enhance student learning through collaboration with parents and community members.

The excellence that is exemplified in Muriel Martin's teaching and learning is the result of the strong partnership between home and school. Relationships grounded in trust, honesty, dedication and hard work by all educational stakeholders create an atmosphere conducive to learning. As we focus on students' critical thinking skills and increased use of technology as a learning tool, as well as reinforce the importance of self-directed learning, we welcome support, input and interest from parents as partners in the educational process. We are the models and the positive difference in the lives of our children. Together, we will continue to provide excellence in education for all Muriel Martin students.

Along with the educational focus this year, we are really excited to be continuing with several initiatives. To promote good citizenship, we will continue to implement our "Hear us RAWR!" program which contains four main core values: Responsibility, Achieving Excellence, Winning Attitude and Respect for each other. Each core value is a focus at one of our regular assemblies. As well, we have Division I and Division II cross-age teams working together to highlight these core values through various activities, service learning and classroom connections. Classroom Connect Time after lunch also promotes the importance of building a strong classroom and school community. All these character education initiatives reinforce the morals and values that ''matter most''.