Located at 110 Deer Ridge Drive in the Deer Ridge subdivision of St. Albert, École Muriel Martin Elementary School offers a dual-track French Immersion and English program where learning encompasses the academic, physical, emotional and artistic needs of students. Talented and enthusiastic staff members strive to continually improve their professional practice through ongoing professional development in assessment of and for learning and outcomes-based education. Offering instruction in English or French, Muriel Martin's staff members seek opportunities to enhance student learning through collaboration with parents and community members.

The primary goal is to provide our students with a solid foundation in academics, social responsibility, the arts and physical education. We are advocates for children taking responsibility for their own learning and acquiring the skills to continue learning throughout their lives. We are very proud of our students' achievements in all aspects of their learning. Each year, both our French Immersion and English students meet or surpass the academic expectations at both the Acceptable Standard and the Standard of Excellence criteria as determined by the Province of Alberta through Provincial Achievement Tests. Our students continue to accept and excel at taking responsibility for their actions and in being conscientious citizens as they progress through the grades from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

The excellence that is exemplified in Muriel Martin's teaching and learning is the result of the strong partnership between home and school. Building relationships grounded in trust, honesty, dedication and hard work by all educational stakeholders results in the richness of the educational experience for students. As we explore the importance of self-directed learning, focus on higher-level thinking skills and experiential learning, we welcome support, input and interest from parents as participants in the educational process. Together, we will continue to provide excellence in education for all Muriel Martin students.