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Mission & Vision

At École Muriel Martin Elementary School, we want every child to have the confidence and the motivation to be the best they can be. By remembering our Mission and Vision, focusing on our Core Values and believing each child can make a difference in the world, we are confident our students will become successful citizens in the ever-changing global community.


Make connections to last a lifetime.


To provide a stimulating learning environment whereby students within the Muriel Martin School community will become:
  • engaged readers and writers, with the tools to learn about and enjoy the world around them;
  • confident members of our digital world, able to access and manage online information in a responsible way;
  • positive and active caretakers of their bodies, striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle in creative ways;
  • empathetic problem solvers, able to relate, respond to and restore relationships;
  • community leaders with a heart for service; and
  • global citizens, who can appreciate the contributions that other cultural and language groups make to our community, country and world.

Core Values

Responsibility -  la Responsabilité

  • I treat my mind and body with care
  • I treat others the way I wish to be treated
  • I practice safety and obey the school rules
  • I work cooperatively
  • I solve problems openly and honestly

Achieving Excellence - l' Amélioration et réussite

  • I strive to do my personal best
  • I am accountable to the high standards I set for myself and others
  • I contribute to an engaging and nurturing learning environment
  • I am a lifelong learner
  • I use technology to discover, create and apply my knowledge and skills

Winning Attitude - Wow! l' Attitude positive

  • I find joy in learning
  • I am willing to try new things
  • I celebrate creativity and innovation
  • I am resilient and persevere in challenging learning situations
  • I am proud to be part of my school community

Respect - le Respect

  • I celebrate similarities and differences
  • I care for the environment
  • I value friendships and foster caring relationships
  • I practice good manners and thoughtful actions
  • I strive to be an active citizen of our global community
Muriel Martin Elementary School