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Our Team

Administration and Office Staff

Marteen Lindstrom
Principal (Acting)
Jeff Birdsell
Assistant Principal 
Wendy Schaar-Ney Assistant Principal
Gloria Knutson  Counsellor
Karen Balog Administrative Assistant
Sheri McEachern Administrative Assistant
Carmen Stimpson Librarian


Name Subject
Valerie Davey Kindergarten (French Immersion)
Launa Lockwood Kindergarten (French Immersion)
Apryl Grarnt Kindergarten (English)
Leanne Houlihan Kindergarten (English)
Mary Ann Bussiere
Grade 1 (English)
Sydney Martin Grade 1 (English)
Lori Torringa Grade 1 (English)
Pamela Corey/ Coralynne Keown Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Sydney Hansen Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Olga Jastrzebski Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Nicole Burke Grade 2 (French Immersion)
Teresa Schmidt Grade 2 (French Immersion)
Laura Shillington Grade 2 (French Immersion)
Cristin De La Mare Grade 2 (English)
Brianna Christensen/Justine Potter Grade 2 (English)
Allison Grice Grade 2 (English)
Bruce Fawcett Grade 3 (English)
Haley Sackela-Geiger Grade 3 (French Immersion)
Dayna Slaven Grade 3 (French Immersion)
Edith Fome Grade 4 (French Immersion)
Karène Gervais
Grade 4 (French Immersion)
Selesta Beauchanmp Grade 4 (English)
Jody Bialowas Grade 4 (English)
Jacqueline Chevalier Grade 5 (French Immersion)
Sophia Goulet Grade 5 (French Immersion)
Sharon Vrouwe
Grade 5 (English)
Terry Nipp Grade 5/6 (English)
Joel Grice Grade 6 (English)
Michelle Lamble Grade 6 (French Immersion)
 Jacqueline Zolondek Grade 6 (French Immersion)


Subject Specialists

Name Subject
Liane Carter Music
Caroline Crispin Music
Kevin Witschen Physical Education
Gord Thompson Physical Education


Support Staff

Name Title
Lynette Aikens Educational Assistant
Amanda Byrne Rehabilitation Aide
Audrey Carroll
Educational Assistant
Jennifer Henderson Educational Assistant
Janine Jesperson Educational Assistant
Jacqueline Kelly Educational Assistant
 Amy Miller Rehabilitation Aide
Angele Ouimet Educational Assistant
Louise Roy Educational Assistant
Genvieve Woods
Rehabilitation Aide
Deneb Leda Custodian
Mark Ledgerwood Custodian
Max Schultz Custodian


Muriel Martin Elementary School